Baby steps

There’s about a million articles out there about changing your current habits (or creating new ones). Write on a calendar, make a gold star chart, set yourself reminders, et cetera, et cetera. And for anyone who’s trying to reach a new goal or build a new habit, I highly recommend to try them all out! See what works for you and what doesn’t. What I swear by might not work for you, and what doesn’t work at all for me might be just the thing for you.

(I like to treat life like one big science experiment, personally. Try all the things!)

Try all the things

(Man, I love science experiments.)

I think that the one thing that every successful new goal setting method has in common, though, is to take baby steps. You can’t expect yourself to just wake up and be able to run a 5k. (Well, okay. Maybe you can. I certainly can’t.) You’re not going to master calculus overnight. A sweater will not be the first thing you knit*.

I am not good at setting goals and actually remembering to do them. I’m absent-minded and I have to write it down in five places if I need to get something done. I’m terrible at habits–I set an alarm to go off at 9:30PM every day to remind me to take my Lantus, and I still manage to forget once in a while. You’d think I’d remember to take my life-sustaining medication, right? Nope. I am that level of absent-minded.

But I’m trying a new thing. Well, it’s not that new–it’s something people have been saying forever. Do it first thing in the morning. And I’ve always been like “I have no time in the morning; I’m slow and I get into work at 7:30.” (I’m really good at excuses.)

So this is cool because it has three effects: one, I’m getting out of bed ten minutes sooner by hitting snooze one less time. Two, I’m starting off my day with a little bit of exercise. And three, I’m actually getting in my small baby steps routine of side planks, lunges, and push-ups.

I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch. I think I’ve only been doing this for a week or so. My derby league has been focusing a lot on conditioning, since we don’t have a skating space right now. We didn’t focus much on off-skates exercise last season. And not that I’m complaining (I would so much rather skate than run), but we definitely do need more of that. It’s only going to help us if we get better at cardio, agility, and strength training. And some of the strength training we’ve been doing has made me realize how much I need to work more on my own.

I’ve always had a hard time with lunges. I have trouble with my form and it causes my inner thigh muscles to tie themselves in knots. So I don’t do as many lunges as I should because they’re difficult, when really I need to suck it up and do more so that they become less difficult. I asked the head coach what I should do to fix this, and he said that just doing a few every day will help for now. That’s my top priority right now. The push-ups and side planks I’ve added because I’ve lost a lot of the strength that I had built up at the end of last season, and I really miss being able to do a set of twenty push-ups.

Man, I am really starting to regret letting my end-of-season fitness go to waste…

*Actually, a sweater was the first actual project I knit. I didn’t know what gauge was and knit something three sizes too big for me. I don’t recommend doing it that way.


Obligatory “Life got in the way, guys” post

So I’m finally emerging from my “real life got in the way and I haven’t been well lately” cave to update. I’ve had a huge push at work lately to get stuff finished up before everyone is out for two weeks for the holidays (as I’m sure many people have!) so that’s been pushing me into the trap of “I work long hours then get home and don’t have the energy to do anything other than be really lazy and hang out with Netflix.” I’ve also been a bit under the weather lately (probably due to the work stress and the lack of skating) so I haven’t been able to hit up the gym. The most exercise I’ve been getting is from housework (hey, lugging five loads of laundry to and from the laundry room counts!) and the occasional plank or wall sit.

I’m super disappointed in myself for this. I feel like I could be working harder and I’m just making excuses and if I really want to be a better skater and a better diabetic I really should be making the effort to hit up the gym even after a long day at work and all those excuses. However, I also think I need to give myself a bit of a break–if I’m sick, I’m not going to have a productive session at the gym anyway. I’ll get tired halfway through a jog on the treadmill and then give up and just feel even more discouraged.

The diabetes element makes this difficult, too. When I get sick, my blood sugars get wacky. Even when I follow all the rules (count the carbs, take the insulin, wait the right amount of time between taking said insulin and eating said carbs, don’t eat if my blood sugar is high) there’s about a million and a half things that can impact my blood sugars. There was an excellent article a while back on this–a lot of my friends don’t believe me, but even the weather can mess with me! I do have a lot of control over a lot of things, yes, but come on, like I have any control over heat waves or polar vortices.

All that being said, I am trying to stay positive: I am still getting housework done (and a lot of that is keeping me active). I can still hold a plank for a minute (and I’m working on increasing that when I have the time to take a minute or so to do a plank). I’m keeping very busy at work but I think I can finish stuff up before the holiday break. I’m planning on hitting up my favorite indoor skating rink this week. I can do this. (Being your own cheerleader is underrated, guys.)

PS – here’s my new favorite thing for learning WFTDA rules: Roller Derby Test-o-Matic

Well This is (Still) Discouraging

I wasn’t exaggerating when I tweeted this earlier. It’s always tough to make it to the gym (or to make it anywhere, really) during the holiday season–even though it’s not directly a holiday week, it’s still difficult to get anything done between work, shopping, traffic, and the weather.

My own laziness isn’t exactly helping, either. It’s kind of a miracle that I picked up a sport in the first place, never mind a sport that’s as physically demanding as roller derby. At least in the regular season all my exercise involves skating. It doesn’t feel nearly as awful to do all that exercise when I’m on skates, and a lot of my teammates will agree with me there. But when it gets too cold, snowy, icy, and dark to skate outside, and when there’s no real indoor space, you have to get creative. (And by “get creative” I mean “suck it up and go to the gym.”)

So yeah. I’m not always a fan of the gym. I get self-conscious, like anyone else. I get especially self-conscious when I have to stop halfway through a workout because my blood sugars have suddenly destabilized, making it unsafe for me to exercise. It’s embarrassing because I think it makes me look like I’m giving up because I’m lazy, not because I’m physically unable to complete the workout. I had a lot of trouble playing sports growing up because more often than not I couldn’t make it through a practice because of my blood sugars, which were way less controlled than they are now. And the trouble got compounded by the way my teammates and coaches acted like I was just giving up or not trying hard enough. So while I’m definitely working to get over it, it’s still a deep-rooted belief that people see me and think that I’m just being lazy.

That being said, I really want to like the gym! I like lifting weights (and I want to start lifting more). The treadmill, while not as fun as actually running outside, is a pretty nifty piece of equipment and one of my goals for the off-season is to complete a couch-to-5k program so I’m utilizing that. The group exercise classes offered at my gym sound really fun, too. I’ve taken a couple, but I (unfortunately) haven’t had the chance to try out the tai chi classes I’ve been dying to check out.

But it’s discouraging as junk when my body won’t cooperate with what I want. It’s especially discouraging when I specifically took the time to really measure my food and take the correct insulin doses at the correct times and my blood sugar is still high as a freaking kite when I’m supposed to be leaving for the gym.

Coincidentally, Treble Maker 909 posted this today about what you can do while on injury to keep up with your derby skills. Guess I’ll just go find some footage to watch and keep calm until my insulin kicks in…