Start saving for that ticket to Barcelona

Barcelona announced as the host of first-ever World Roller Games in 2017

Start saving for that ticket to Barcelona. In 2017, they’re going to host the first-ever World Roller Games. according to this article.

And, apparently, there is an International Roller Sports Federation (FIRS).

This is amazing.

FIRS has ten roller disciples, one of which is roller derby. The others are:

  • Speed skating
  • Artistic (jam) skating
  • Rink hockey
  • Inline hockey
  • Inline downhill
  • Skateboarding*
  • Inline freestyle
  • Inline alpine

But we all know roller derby is the best one, right? 😉

This is actually a really cool thing that exists, and it gives you ideas for ways to cross-train that still involve skating. (Maybe not inline downhill. That sounds terrifying.) We do something like inline freestyle when we hang out at the skate park (Chicks in Bowls, anyone?), which has been wicked fun, even if a different kind of risky than derby. And I know of a guy who does a speed skating clinic down in Massachusetts that a number of Boston area skaters go to.

Anyone else out there do any of these? I’d love to hear from you as I’m super curious about the rest of these roller sports!

*I’ve actually toyed with the idea of picking up skateboarding, and this article from XO Jane makes me feel like I’m never too old and never too female to pick up the sport. Maybe I’ll do that this summer?


End-Of-Season Awards Night, or: What Do You Mean, “Diabetes Cleatus”?!

We had our end-of-season awards night this week, and what a great way to wrap up the season. Our season actually ended at the beginning of September, so while a good number of people have been going skating (outside or at the skate park, mostly) there are a number of skaters who I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, in addition to a few who won’t be coming back in 2015. We also get awards–the league president comes up with awards for every skater (things like “Ejection Queen” for the skater with the most ejections in a game, “That’s Not How You Use Your Head” for the skater who had a habit of falling and hitting her head a lot (!), and “Best Wardrobe Malfunction” for…well, you know).

My award? “Diabetes Cleatus.”

(I had to look it up, but apparently ‘cleatus’ refers to hillbillies. Thanks guys.)

I knew it was coming–it’s been a pretty big thing for me and I haven’t exactly made a secret of it–but it still made me laugh when I was presented with the award. It also inspired this Facebook post:

"Seacoast Roller Derby is one of the best things that's ever happened to me and last night's end-of-season party solidified that (as if I wasn't convinced before). I never thought I could do something like play roller derby (and actually wasn't even convinced I could do that until about six months after I started) but you all have been incredibly wonderful and supportive. This is sappy sorry not sorry it needed to be said. Here's to rocking it even harder in 2015."

I know, gross, how sappy. But I mean it when I say “here’s to rocking it even harder in 2015.” I’ve got a general goal (be good enough to earn a spot on my league’s A team) and I’m working on breaking that out into smaller goals to work on during the off-season (more to come on that later, I’m sure). And, of course, I have the goal of “kick my diabetes in the ass.” Rock on, Dany Stormborn.