Start saving for that ticket to Barcelona

Barcelona announced as the host of first-ever World Roller Games in 2017

Start saving for that ticket to Barcelona. In 2017, they’re going to host the first-ever World Roller Games. according to this article.

And, apparently, there is an International Roller Sports Federation (FIRS).

This is amazing.

FIRS has ten roller disciples, one of which is roller derby. The others are:

  • Speed skating
  • Artistic (jam) skating
  • Rink hockey
  • Inline hockey
  • Inline downhill
  • Skateboarding*
  • Inline freestyle
  • Inline alpine

But we all know roller derby is the best one, right? 😉

This is actually a really cool thing that exists, and it gives you ideas for ways to cross-train that still involve skating. (Maybe not inline downhill. That sounds terrifying.) We do something like inline freestyle when we hang out at the skate park (Chicks in Bowls, anyone?), which has been wicked fun, even if a different kind of risky than derby. And I know of a guy who does a speed skating clinic down in Massachusetts that a number of Boston area skaters go to.

Anyone else out there do any of these? I’d love to hear from you as I’m super curious about the rest of these roller sports!

*I’ve actually toyed with the idea of picking up skateboarding, and this article from XO Jane makes me feel like I’m never too old and never too female to pick up the sport. Maybe I’ll do that this summer?


Ringing in the Holidays, Derby-Style (With Bonus Skater Shaming)

Now that Thanksgiving’s over, it’s officially holiday season. (Bring on the Christmas music in stores, the shopping, the snow, the hot cocoa…) How did my league kick off the start of the season? We skated in a local holiday parade.

We’ve got another parade coming up next week, so any of our fans who didn’t catch us at this one can come out next weekend to see us again. And after that, the league will be on a holiday break–there’s no way that everyone can consistently make it to practices, meetings, and other events during the month of December. (Not that we have a winter practice space, anyway.) Unofficially, I’m hoping to make it down to disco skate night at one of the indoor roller rinks around here at least once a week for the new couple of months.

Of course, skating outside in a bunch of slush does have its downsides…dirty skates!

Dirty skates
Dirty skates!

I got new skates a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still using my old pair for outdoor skating (they’ll hold up to that, I think…and I don’t mind getting these dirty). Even though they’re not my primary pair of skates, I still want to keep them in good working order, which means taking them apart to clean after I skate through slush and dirt and puddles.

Various skate pieces
Various skate pieces

I’ve taken my bearings apart to clean them before, but I’ve never taken apart the trucks. I made sure to get some ‘before’ photos so that I’d have a reference as to what they’re supposed to look like when i put them back together.

I also found out what it looks like when you don’t clean parts of your trucks:

Gunk on a skate part
Skater shaming–I don’t even know what this gunk is but it took some serious scrubbing to get rid of it

Everything’s just finishing drying now. I’ve got my wheels and bearings hanging out in front of my heater to dry. I shouldn’t be surprised that my trucks were that dirty–I’ve been skating on these skates for over a year, both indoors and out–but I guess that’s what I get for never having bothered to clean that stuff up. I’m making a note of this so that I take care of my new skates in the future!

As for the bearings…I’ve held out as long as I could,  but I need to start retiring some.

My poor junked bearings
They don’t move anymore so I had a funeral for them.

How often do you clean your skates? Does it take something big (like skating into a slush pile) to force you to clean, or are you good about taking them apart on the regular?