Catching up, now that I have a minute to breathe

Phew! Just to give you an idea of what’s been going on at my day job lately:

1. Had a work trip to spend a week in the UK with two days notice.
2. Had many days in the past few weeks where I’ve had to be up at 3AM for meetings (!)
3. Big push to get stuff done as we’re long past some deadlines resulting in aforementioned 3AM meetings and too much overtime for my liking.

In my personal life:

1. Snow. Lots of snow. All the snow.
2. We lack a skateable practice space right now, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t practicing:

(That’s me in the blue tights. I think my plank form needs work…)
3. Some, um, snafus with my health care coverage and diabetes supplies I paid $400 for a month supply of Humalog recently. Any Canadians want to marry me so that I can get in on your health care system?

I’m aiming to resume a regular blogging schedule. I think things have calmed down enough for that. I miss this blog!


In case you’re wondering where I’ve been…

Yes, this is another case of “real life is getting in the way.” I’ve had all the things going on at my day job lately–and by “all the things” I really do mean that; last week I had to get up at 3AM for meetings Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and at 5AM on Thursday. This is not the first time this has happened, but it is the first time I’ve had to do it so much in one week. It’s Saturday and my sleep schedule is still messed up.

As I once put it on Facebook: #internationaldepartmentproblems

So I need to take a little hiatus until this blows over (which I’m hoping will be very soon! It’s stressful having to work the normal working hours of another time zone).

Obligatory “Life got in the way, guys” post

So I’m finally emerging from my “real life got in the way and I haven’t been well lately” cave to update. I’ve had a huge push at work lately to get stuff finished up before everyone is out for two weeks for the holidays (as I’m sure many people have!) so that’s been pushing me into the trap of “I work long hours then get home and don’t have the energy to do anything other than be really lazy and hang out with Netflix.” I’ve also been a bit under the weather lately (probably due to the work stress and the lack of skating) so I haven’t been able to hit up the gym. The most exercise I’ve been getting is from housework (hey, lugging five loads of laundry to and from the laundry room counts!) and the occasional plank or wall sit.

I’m super disappointed in myself for this. I feel like I could be working harder and I’m just making excuses and if I really want to be a better skater and a better diabetic I really should be making the effort to hit up the gym even after a long day at work and all those excuses. However, I also think I need to give myself a bit of a break–if I’m sick, I’m not going to have a productive session at the gym anyway. I’ll get tired halfway through a jog on the treadmill and then give up and just feel even more discouraged.

The diabetes element makes this difficult, too. When I get sick, my blood sugars get wacky. Even when I follow all the rules (count the carbs, take the insulin, wait the right amount of time between taking said insulin and eating said carbs, don’t eat if my blood sugar is high) there’s about a million and a half things that can impact my blood sugars. There was an excellent article a while back on this–a lot of my friends don’t believe me, but even the weather can mess with me! I do have a lot of control over a lot of things, yes, but come on, like I have any control over heat waves or polar vortices.

All that being said, I am trying to stay positive: I am still getting housework done (and a lot of that is keeping me active). I can still hold a plank for a minute (and I’m working on increasing that when I have the time to take a minute or so to do a plank). I’m keeping very busy at work but I think I can finish stuff up before the holiday break. I’m planning on hitting up my favorite indoor skating rink this week. I can do this. (Being your own cheerleader is underrated, guys.)

PS – here’s my new favorite thing for learning WFTDA rules: Roller Derby Test-o-Matic