Catching up, now that I have a minute to breathe

Phew! Just to give you an idea of what’s been going on at my day job lately:

1. Had a work trip to spend a week in the UK with two days notice.
2. Had many days in the past few weeks where I’ve had to be up at 3AM for meetings (!)
3. Big push to get stuff done as we’re long past some deadlines resulting in aforementioned 3AM meetings and too much overtime for my liking.

In my personal life:

1. Snow. Lots of snow. All the snow.
2. We lack a skateable practice space right now, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t practicing:

(That’s me in the blue tights. I think my plank form needs work…)
3. Some, um, snafus with my health care coverage and diabetes supplies I paid $400 for a month supply of Humalog recently. Any Canadians want to marry me so that I can get in on your health care system?

I’m aiming to resume a regular blogging schedule. I think things have calmed down enough for that. I miss this blog!


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