In which Dany learns that skiing and skating aren’t quite the same thing

Last week I had some time off from work, so I was able to go skiing! I’ve been skiing since I was about twelve or so (hey, I grew up in New Hampshire, we have to find some redeeming qualities about winter here), and I picked up snowboarding around seventeen or eighteen.

As of last Monday, I had not been skiing since March 2013. This means that I had not been skiing since I started skating.

Skiing for the first time since learning to skate is hilarious

What I expected to happen: “It’s been so long since I’ve skiied, and they said it was tough transitioning back to skiing after learning to skate, but it’s fine, I’ve been able to ski for ages.”

What actually happened: “Derby stance!” [falls over] “More derby stance!” [falls over again] “Bend your knees!” [falls over for the third time this run]

It turns out that skating can help your skiing, sure. Both use very similar sets of muscles–my first day on the slopes every year is usually marked by extremely sore legs the next couple of days after because I don’t usually hang out working on my ski muscles when it’s not ski season. I got in a pretty full day of skiing and barely felt a thing on my legs. On the contrary, I didn’t feel like I was getting low enough when skiing and kept losing my balance and falling as a result!

I was laughing the whole way down the mountain, that’s for sure.

My body seemed to remember how to hold itself when on skis after a couple of runs, and I wasn’t having any problems at all by the time I stopped for lunch. But those first couple of runs were tough, especially since I couldn’t figure out why I kept falling at first! I’m not sure how to explain the difference between skiing stance and derby stance, but I think they key parts are: a) you balance your weight differently on skis than on skates and b) skating stance (never mind derby stance) is much lower than skiing stance.

I probably won’t be able to go skiing or boarding as often as I like this winter because of my job (boring, I know), but man, I can’t wait to experience that again.


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